An ancient maritime Republic, Pisa is one of the best-known Tuscan cities in the world, thanks to the uniqueness of its Leaning Tower. Already off its axis when it was completed in 1372, the 56-metre-high white marble construction is none other than the bell tower of the marble Cathedral in the Romanesque-Pisan style, which stands on the same Piazza dei Miracoli that also houses the monumental Camposanto(Cemetery) and Baptistery, appreciated for its exceptional acoustics.

Pisa is also home to the historic Scuola Normale Superiore which overlooks the enchanting Piazza dei Cavalieri

Another interesting stop is the Lungarni, already appreciated by the poet Giacomo Leopardi during the years he lived in the city.

And for nature lovers, a trip to the itineraries of the Natural Park of S. Rossore, which houses, in a reserved area, one of the summer residences of the Presidency of the Republic.

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