Lucca is one of the most popular and renowned cities in Tuscany and is the provincial capital of all the towns in Versilia.

It is mainly known for the imposing city walls that surround the historical centre, completed during the Renaissance period and are still entirely intact.

You can't say you've visited the town if you haven't walked along at least one stretch of the wide tree-lined avenues on top of the walls, themselves, which reveal some of the town’s treasures from above, such as Pfanner Palace and the historic Botanical Garden.

There are countless churches to visit, including the Cathedral of San Martino (the city's cathedral), the Church of San Michele on the square of the same name and the Church of San Frediano. Because of this peculiarity, Lucca has been known since the Middle Ages as the City of 100 Churches.

Lucca still preserves the structure of the ancient Roman city, and offers tourists many other attractions such as the charming Piazza Anfiteatro, with the typical houses built on the original elliptical shape, Torre Guinigi with its unique tree-lined garden at the top from which to enjoy a breathtaking view over the entire city, Via Fillungo, the ancient and picturesque Roman Cardo, now a shopping street, the birth house of the great composer Giacomo Puccini, now a museum and much more.

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